The Team

We love to work, and we like it to do it together.

Our Story

La Pingvin was born from the experience of working from many years in the pedagogy and cooperative environment, with a strong focus on projects aimed to new parents.

From that experience, we developed a sensibility for the right items to choose  in order to aim for babies’ natural development, while also taking in account the sustainability of the whole production chain by choosing brands that have not only certified supply chains but also clean and equal working environments.

In 2016 La Pingvin was born in Milan: Raffaella and Viviana in the office and  Emanuela on the field.  Since then, we have been growing a lot: in 2021 we became La Pingvin srl.

  The Team La Pingvin

at the Headquarter in Milan

This is the team at the office, we manage collections, shops orders, packing, shipping and customer service:
we find the best solution for every client.

Raffaella Doni


Viviana E. Giudici


Mihai Elvis


Patrizia Penati


El Hadj Wah Traore

Logistic Manager

Petra Turati

Customer Service

 The Team La Pingvin

on the road


This is our team of representatives, that brings our brands around Italy.
The office team supports agents and representatives and directly manages some regions in Center and South Italy.

Monica Rizzetto

Triveneto Agent 

Emanuela Savio

North-West and Emilia Romagna Agent 

Davide De Gennaro

Lombardy Region Agent

Salvatore Majolino

 Regione Sicily Agent 

Team Headquarter Milan

From the office we manage relationship and release of some regions in Center and South Italy.

Pierluigi Ancillotti

Tuscany’s Agent

Silvia Marinelli

Lazio e Sardinia’s Agent 

We have distribution in 20 Regions

We work with 612 shops

We distribute 6 collections a year

Why choosing La Pingvin

We believe in children wellbeing, and the importance of growing up in a natural and simple environment.

Children have the right to grow in a healthy environment, with adults that pay attention to their needs. For this reason, we work hard to the right toys and baby gear available to the Italian market: by staying up to date with the latest studies on kids well-being and development findings, we are able to choose the best brands and the most simple but useful products for kids of all ages. 

Good quality and well-designed products must be for everyone to enjoy.

We like unique and beautiful items, with simple and elegant shapes. We prefer natural and certified materials, better if certified. Our biggest focus is to keep looking for brands that that can offer the best quality at the best price possible. The most expensive brands are not a good fit for us, simply because they don’t represent our values.

We travel, study trends, listen to our clients suggestion and exchange opinions with our competitors.

Our work make us proud, and we love it so much we cannot stop until we do it as good as possible. We believe in what we do so much, but we are always open to hear our clients’  suggestions and feedbacks, so we adjust our business to provide the best service for them and the we can distribute the brand we love and care about in the best way.

We have an established, well knitted, and mostly female team, and we constantly look for new talents to join our company

The mind and heart of la Pingvin is woman. It was never a choice, it just happened naturally. We tend to choose team members with multitasking skills, and that’s typical of women, especially the mothers: female are able to convey closeness and to mediate any challenging situation. At La Pingvin we aim to create the best work-life balance environment, and that is beneficial for everyone, not just the mothers. 

They say about La Pingvin

I choose La Pingvin because it’s the best: reliable, professional and customer oriented.

I love how they work and the brands they carry, and my little clients think the same.


For us at “M’amami”,  La Pingvin mean great brands, amazing qualities and uniqueness. 

All these characteristics represent of La Pingvin represent also what we are as shop and make our clients very happy.

M'AMAMI - Imperia (IM)

The best of La Pingvin?
They have attention to details, and great taste in choosing the cutest brands.

Taking a look at their catalogs is like going to Disneyland, and we always want to buy everything!

CUCU' - Trieste