How we operate

We provide a taylored service for each of our hundreds of clients

We Explore

We travel to discover different ways of parenting and how business provide products to solve parenting challenges: by exploring the worlds we also stay up to date with fashion trends, and we manage to discover brands that catch our attention, and we dig into the brand values by talking with owners, managers and designers.

Once the fair season is over we go visit brand’s headquarters: we visit their warehouse, design departments and usually over dinner, we talk about possible partnerships and ways to work together. By inviting them to our headquarters in Milan, we set up the basis for a great collaboration, as we really believe that the human connection is paramount for our business model. 

We Select

We go through our selected brands catalog to analyze the brand offer, the quality of their products, the supply chain, the quality of resources that each business use. We believe that every La Pingvin selected product should be as good for the client as it is ethically produced.

Furthermore, our expertise about the Italian market make us select the brands that have a great quality-price balance, as we believe that the Nordic design will be appreciated as long the Italian public can afford to buy it.

 Tailored customer care and quick delivery to satisfy our clients

From Milan, always ready for delivery

We have our own warehouse

We ship daily and with the fastes couriers

Most of the brand we distribute work with Never Out Of Stock always available on our B2B platform. We have focused to offer the best service by having our own warehouse where we can store many collections: this way we can send client’s order as soon as we receive it. As we represent 10 brands, our client can order multiple products of different lines and will only receive one bill!

We have a Showroom

The brands Hust & Claire and Pigeon Organic work with multiple collection throughout the year. A/W and S/S but also the beach line and the Christmas collection.

In January and February we collect preorders for next winter, and the same happen in June-July for the following summer.

Our clients are more than welcome to come to our Showroom in Milan, together with our Regional representative to take a look at the collections in person during a dedicated time just for themselves, during which they can mix and match all collections and order what’s needed for them without any rush or pressure.

We love synergies

The brand we proudly distribute are cool and complete as they are, but at La Pingvin we add an extra value by studying every brand catalog and choosing items that match with other brands  because similar look, design lines and comparable color palette.

Every brand choice we make is meant to create synergy and harmony with the other brands products, so it’s easy for shop owner to sell them together, which simplify their work.

This approach is part of our “Selezione La Pingvin” which is  special status for clients that choose 6 or more brands from our catalog.

What customer says about La Pingvin

I choose to work with La Pingvin because I love the quality of the brand they represent, which include attention to details and high quality materials and textile.

We have been working together for years and I love it! 


We work with La Pingvin because beauty will save us all: the products they sell are of such great quality and beauty!

Working with La Pingvin it’s a pleasure, as Raffaella and her team care about us client and don’t treat us just mere numbers as the big distributions do.

They are fast, reliable and customer oriented.


I choose to work with La Pingvin for their high quality brands, but also for they are reliable and trustworthy.

They always deliver on time, the B2B platform it’s easy and clear, but most of all, their customer service is attentive and fast to solve any challenge that we might encounter.  


Discover how we work by booking a visit at our showroom

To understand who we are and how we work, you should book a visit to check our Showroom and to meet in person.